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About Us


Sanbao Zhao


I’m Sanbao, a photographer based in Kyoto with 5 years+ of experience. Specializing in kimono and travel portraits, leaving tourists an unforgettable experience through capturing and celebrating their bond & relationship with each other with the ancient city-Kyoto.

I love to capture the stories of people & people, people & nature, and the city. I believe the story is what makes a moment memorable and alive.

I personalized every session with customers, the photography will be taken according to your needs. Every customer’s focus is different. Some want to celebrate the relationship between family and some want their moment of youth to be recorded.

I hope the session you booked can be recalled forever so that you look back decades of years later, and can still feel the joy and temperature.

Sandy Liao


I am Sandy, a multicultural designer who graduated from the Victoria University of Wellington with a BA in innovation design majoring in product design. Specialising in 2D & 3D design & tangible interaction design.

I have 2 years+ of experience working in the graphic design field, I am passionate about working closely with the requester, talking through the project together, and using design thinking to solve the problem.

I love telling a story through design. Every brand has its personality, value, beliefs, and story and I love to interpret it into visual language. Making it visualizable & deliverable through design.

About Us
Brand Vision

Often, the important things are unseen, they are invisible and hidden in our minds.

Like bonds between couples, family, and friends, like an indescribable emotion you have for a city, or a unique value you hold for your business.

An experience Wheatography wants to offer for you is beyond a set of beautiful photography/designs but one that showcases your story.

Wheatography brings the service of visualizing the importance through consulting, design, and photography. Reveal the unseen.

Brand Value

Brand Value


Sincerity      understand with love & kindness
Reliability    communicate with truth & honesty
Creativity     think outside the box
Profession    care for every detail

About Company

​About Company











Wheatography studio

5-43 Yamabanaotsukacho Sakyo-ku Kyoto

+81 90-6670-2510

Sep 2019

Sanbao Zhao


Photography, Retouch, Videography, Translation, Branding Design, Graphic design, Advertisement design.

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